Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin III (April 3 1958 - ), an actor from Amityville, New York, was a celebrity contestant during the 2nd Celebrity week on the U.S. version of the show on November 12, 2000. He walked away with $250,000 for the Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS).


Fastest Finger First Edit

Fastest Finger First Question
Put these basketball movies in order of their first theatrical debut, starting with the most recent.
• A: White Men Can't Jump • B: Love and Basketball
• C: Space Jam • D: Hoop Dreams

From the 10 contestants, 2 got it right, but Alec (with a time of 7.42 seconds) was the fastest to correctly answer B-C-D-A, making it into the Hot Seat.

Alec's Run to the Million Edit

$100 (1 of 15) - Not Timed
According to a common phrase, a person who takes chances is "going out on a" what?
• A: Limb • B: Horse
• C: Skateboard • D: Nude beach
$200 (2 of 15) - Not Timed
If you quit smoking suddenly and without any help, it is said you "have gone" what?
• A: Cold turkey • B: Frosted duck
• C: Frozen chicken • D: Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs
$300 (3 of 15) - Not Timed
What is the common nickname for a person who throws garbage on the ground in public places?
• A: June bug • B: Litterbug
• C: Jitterbug • D: Perfomance artist
$500 (4 of 15) - Not Timed
The E! television network primarily covers what subject?
• A: Environment • B: Education
• C: Economics • D: Entertainment
$1,000 (5 of 15) - Not Timed
What type of the dog is the "Peanuts" character Snoopy?
• A: Great Dane • B: Collie
• C: Beagle • D: Retriever
$2,000 (6 of 15) - Not Timed
What city is home to the world renowed department store Harrods?
• A: London • B: Paris
• C: Milan • D: New York
$4,000 (7 of 15) - Not Timed
What code name did Woodward and Bernstein give their legendary Watergate informant?
• A: Agent Orange • B: Deep Throat
• C: Walter Mitty • D: The Jackal
$8,000 (8 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of the following colors is found on the original Rubik's Cube?
• A: Pink • B: Purple
• C: Red • D: Slate gray
$16,000 (9 of 15) - Not Timed
According to the title of his 1991 album, who is the "OG Original Gangster"?
• A: Ice-T • B: Ice Cube
• C: Tupac Shakur • D: Vanilla Ice
$32,000 (10 of 15) - Not Timed
Monte Carlo is closest to which of these other cities?
• A: Barcelona • B: Edinburgh
• C: London • D: Nice
$64,000 (11 of 15) - Not Timed
In the 1999 movie "Fight Club," what does Brad Pitt's character sell?
'Ask the Audience' lifeline used
• A: Men's suits • B: Shoes
• C: Soap • D: Stereos
Ask the Audience Results: A: 2% • B: 8% • C: 84% • D: 6%
$125,000 (12 of 15) - Not Timed
Who is the only U.S. president who has won a Pulitzer Prize?
• A: Theodore Roosevelt • B: John F. Kennedy
• C: Woodrow Wilson • D: Jimmy Carter
$250,000 (13 of 15) - Not Timed
The remains of Cleopatra's palace were discovered in the late 1990s off the coast of what Egyptian city?
'Phone a Friend' and '50:50' lifelines used
• A: Alexandria • B: Cairo
• C: Port Said • D: Suez
Alec did not know, so he decided to phone his wife Kim Basinger, who failed to give an answer within the alloted time. He then used his 50:50, eliminating C and D. Gambling $93,000, he said Alexandria as his final answer, and won $250,000
$500,000 (14 of 15) - Not Timed
Leonardo da Vinci wrote his famous notebooks mainly using what unusual method?
• A: Upside-down writing • B: Numeric code
• C: Pictography • D: Mirror writing
Alec decided to walk away with his $250,000, and would guess Pictography if given a chance. The correct answer was D: Mirror writing

Trivia Edit

  • According to the re-aired episode with pop-ups, during his $250,000 question, his wife and phone a friend Kim Basinger finally said the correct answer (Alexandria) 15 seconds after she was cut off. However, she remained on the line, trying to send him the answer via "mental telephaty." She was told Alec did go with Alexandria and won $250,000, and went ecstatic.
  • He also started dancing after he got the $250,000 question right.
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