Allan Bulwich, a host account executive from Wetwang, East Yorkshire won £50,000 on July 18, 2009 after answering his £75,000 question incorrectly.

1. (£500):

Which food product can be purchased as 'milk' or 'plain'?
• A: Sugar • B: Chocolate bar
• C: Eggs • D: Cereal

2. (£1,000):

On which of these oceans does North America not have a coastline?
• A: Atlantic • B: Pacific
• C: Indian • D: Arctic

3. (£2,000):

The rugby player Kenny Logan represented which team at international level?
• A: Ireland • B: England
• C: Wales • D: Scotland

4. (£5,000):

In which style of dancing would someone be most likely to wear pointe shoes?
• A: Swing • B: Flamenco
• C: Ballet • D: Tap

5. (£10,000):

Who plays Alfred the butler in the 2005 film 'Batman Begins'?
• A: Anthony Hopkins • B: Michael Caine
• C: Sean Connery • D: Ben Kingsley

6. (£20,000):

Who released the classic 1972 album 'Exile on Main Street'?
'Phone-A-Friend' lifeline used
• A: Fleetwood Mac • B: Rolling Stones
• C: Simon and Garfunkel • D: Led Zeppelin

After considering using his 'Ask the Audience' lifeline, Allan instead decided to phone his friend Jim, who said B: Rolling Stones immediately. Allan went with this answer and won £20,000.

7. (£50,000):

In which of these places do Quakers gather for worship?
'50:50' and 'Ask the Audience' lifelines used
• A: Meeting house - 84% • B: Assembly house - 16%
• C: Synod house - 0% • D: Conclave house - 0%

8. (£75,000):

Which of these US cities is known as 'Crescent City'?
• A: Nashville • B: New Orleans
• C: Detroit • D: Memphis

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