Bari Alibasov and Alexander "Danko" Fadeyev (Russian: Бари Алибасов и Александр "Данко" Фадеев) appeared as a contestants on a celebrity edition of Kto khochet stat' millionerom? and won 3,000,000 rubles on November 23, 2013.

Bari and Alexander's Run Edit

500 rubles (1 of 15)
Whom does the proverb do not recommend letting into the kitchen garden?
• A: Goat • B: Colorado beetle
• C: A hungry student • D: Kangaroo
1,000 rubles (2 of 15)
Which song was the hit of "Laskovyi Mai"?
• A: "White nights" • B: "White mushrooms"
• C: "White roses" • D: "White officers"
2,000 rubles (3 of 15)
What is the name of a metal rod for roasting meat over fire?
• A: Roast rod • B: Steam rod
• C: Twisting rod • D: Skewer
3,000 rubles (4 of 15)
How often is the last, the most vivid creative achievement of man?
• A: Song of songs • B: Song of Oleg's Wise
• C: A swan song • D: Song of the year
5,000 rubles (5 of 15)
What or who, according to Lenin, woke Herzen?
• A: Roosters • B: Alarm clock
• C: Wife • D: Decembrists
10,000 rubles (6 of 15)
Who in the water polo has the right to touch the ball with both hands at the same time?
"Double Dip" lifeline used
• A: Defenders only • B: Goalkeeper only
• C: All players • D: Nobody
15,000 rubles (7 of 15)
Who is believed to have been the founder of the Medici dynasty?
"50:50" lifeline used
• A: Lawyer • B: Titcher
• C: Priest • D: Doctor
25,000 rubles (8 of 15)
How did Pushkin call the character in the "Tale of Tsar Saltan" and in the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila"?
• A: Gvidon • B: Naina
• C: Ratmir • D: Chernomor
50,000 rubles (9 of 15)
What types of tissues belong to the tussore?
"Ask the Audience" lifeline used
• A: Silk • B: Linen
• C: Cotton • D: Woolen
Ask the Audience Results: A: 54% • B: 32% • C: 9% • D: 5%
100,000 rubles (10 of 15)
As a result, according to the official version, the Tsar Bell split?
• A: Unsuccessful lifting • B: Foundry's errors
• C: Fire • D: Cannonball hits
200,000 rubles (11 of 15)
What is not the name of the city in the US, and the breed of cattle?
• A: Santa Barbara • B: Santa Gertruda
• C: Santa Monica • D: Santa Fe
400,000 rubles (12 of 15)
Who in "Back to the Future" movie listened to the phone by Marty McFly's rock-n-roll?
"Phone a Friend" lifeline used
• A: Chuck Berry • B: Elvis Presley
• C: Bill Haley • D: Garik Sukachev

Couple phoned to Anatoly Wasserman, who called option A. This is right answer.

800,000 rubles (13 of 15)
What did Maxim Gorky collect?
• A: Valdai bells • B: Spanish castanets
• C: Italian wines • D: Japanese figurines from a bone
1,500,000 rubles (14 of 15)
What prevented Franz Liszt from entering the Paris Conservatoire in 1823?
• A: A lack of money • B: Poor health
• C: Failure in the exam • D: Foreign nationality
3,000,000 rubles (15 of 15)
How many seas are washed by Balkans?
• A: 3 • B: 4
• C: 5 • D: 6

Trivia Edit

  • Bari and Alexander became the first show biz's celebrity contestants in the Russian version's history, who won the top prize of the game, the fifth winners of the winners at Dmitry Dibrov is host.
  • The formulation of the final question was criticized by YouTube users, which led to a dispute as to whether the Balkan peninsula is washed by six or seven seas (some users consider the Cretan and Ionian seas are part of the Mediterranean, rather than separate seas).

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