Cedric Antonio Kyles (born April 24, 1964 in Jefferson City, Missouri), known professionally by his stage name Cedric the Entertainer, is an American actor, comedian, director, and game show host.[1]

He took over from Meredith Vieira as host of the U.S. version of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? game show in August 2013.[2]. However, after only nine months, Cedric announced that he would be leaving the program, citing as reasons his busy schedule and the show's move to Stamford, Connecticut.[3] Shortly afterwards, ABC announced that Terry Crews would host the 2014-15 season of Millionaire.[4]

Along with his successor, they are the shortest running regular Millionaire hosts, having only lasted one full season each.


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Preceded by
Meredith Vieira
U.S. Hosts
Cedric the Entertainer
Succeeded by
Terry Crews

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