Chris Elliott, a managing director of a communications business from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, was a contestant on series 21 of the UK version of the show on 21st & 28th April, 2007. He walked away with £1,000 after incorrectly answering his £8,000 question. He did not use his Phone-A-Friend lifeline.


Fastest Finger FirstEdit

Fastest Finger First Question
Put these members of a famous band in alphabetical order of surname.
• A: Davy Jones • B: Mickey Dolenz
• C: Mike Nesmith • D: Peter Tork
From the 9 remaining contestants, 7 got it right, but Chris (with a time of 3.43 seconds) was the fastest to correctly answer B-A-C-D, making it into the Hot Seat.

Chris's Run to the MillionEdit

£100 (1 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of these food items is traditionally associated with mice?
• A: Chicory • B: Cheese
• C: Chips • D: Chutney
£200 (2 of 15) - Not Timed
On a telephone, which facility displays the number of the incoming phone call?
• A: Ringer OK • B: Caller ID
• C: Visitor MB • D: Guest PM
£300 (3 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of these is a slang word for one's home?
• A: Fad • B: Pad
• C: Tad • D: Gad
£500 (4 of 15) - Not Timed
What name is given to a person employed to look after a cricket pitch?
• A: Landsman • B: Parksman
• C: Groundsman • D: Lawnsman
£1,000 (5 of 15) - Not Timed
Which Coronation Street resident was famous for wearing curlers?
• A: Bet Lynch • B: Elsie Tanner
• C: Annie Walker • D: Hilda Ogden
£2,000 (6 of 15) - Not Timed
In which country is Calvados apple brandy traditionally produced?
'Ask The Audience' lifeline used
• A: United States • B: Germany
• C: France • D: Ireland
Ask the Audience Results: A: 16% • B: 11% • C: 68% • D: 5%
Chris isn't sure, so asks the audience for help. He goes with the audience, and wins £2,000. Then, the klaxon called time and Chris would return on £2,000 with 2 lifelines still available.
£4,000 (7 of 15) - Not Timed
South Bank Polytechnic, which became a university in 1992, is in which city?
'50:50' lifeline used
• A: Newcastle • B: London
• C: Glasgow • D: Birmingham
By a process of elimination, Chris rules out D and C. He thinks the answer is B, but says he'll do 'the sensible thing' and goes 50:50. Chris decides to lock in B, as it cannot be D. He's right, he's won £4,000.
£8,000 (8 of 15) - Not Timed
Who adapted the musical 'Spamalot', based on the film 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'?
• A: Eric Idle • B: John Cleese
• C: Terry Jones • D: Michael Palin
Chris says he knows the answer, and it's Terry Jones. He decides to keep back his last lifeline, but unfortunately, the correct answer was A, he leaves with £1,000.

Trivia Edit

  • Just before revealing that Chris had lost £3,000, Chris Tarrant said that Chris' wife up in the audience had said A using her keypad.
  • On the Challenge TV rerun of this episode, instead of the usual Hot Seat Crossover sequence, the Goodbye Punter sound plays, and the camera is focused at the audience. This is probably because on the original airing, a break was taken at that point, whereas one was not taken during the rerun.


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