Dave Forbes, from Santa Monica, CA was a contestant who appeared on the 15th season of the U.S. version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? during "Fibs or Facts" week on September 19 & 20, 2016 and won $50,000 after missing on his $100,000 question.

Dave's Run to the MillionEdit

$500 (1 of 14) - Not timed
To show off just how thick the desserts are, which of the following are often handed to customers upside-down?
• A: McDonald's Coffees • B: Burger King French Fries
• C: Dairy Queen Blizzards • D: Chipotle Tacos

$1,000 (2 of 14) - Not timed
Each used for a different purpose, "purrs," "yelps" and "kee-kees" are among the lesser-known sounds of gobblers and hens, or male and female what?
• A: Owls • B: Turkeys
• C: Penguins • D: Hummingbirds

$2,000 (3 of 14) - Not timed
Though Yo-Yo Ma might not fit the mold, the Slate article "Rebels with Bows" noted that which have a reputation in the music world for being sexy anti-authoritarians?
• A: Cellists • B: Oboists
• C: Trumpeters • D: Harpists

$3,000 (4 of 14) - Not timed
Believed to have existed for about 3.5 billion years, making it one of the oldest forms of life known on Earth, cyanobacteria is more simply known as what?
"50:50" lifeline used.
• A: Reddish-brown yeast • B: Yellow fungus
• C: Blue-green algae • D: Gray plasma
Using "cyano" as a clue, Dave was leaning towards C, but he was not quite sure, so he decided to usue his 50:50, which took away B and D, still leaving C, which Dave decided to go for and got it right.

$5,000 (5 of 14) - Not timed
Heard but never seen, the smooth-voiced Canadian actor Douglas Rain played one of the main characters in what 1968 sci-fi classic?
• A: Close Encounters of the Third Kind • B: ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
• C: Alien • D: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Dave was initially not sure, but he decided to talk through it instead of use a lifeline. He then went with D and got it right.

The klaxon called time and Dave left with his $5,000, then came back the next day to continue his game.

$7,000 (6 of 14) - Not timed
Named for a Native American chief who inspired a James Fenimore Cooper character, Uncasville, CT is home to what casino resort?
• A: Seminole Hard Rock • B: Harrah's Cherokee
• C: Lucky Lakota • D: Mohegan Sun

$10,000 (7 of 14) - Not timed says all of the following amenities are available in luxury NYC apartment buildings. Which of them would an oenophile likely appreciate most?
"Ask the Audience" lifeline used.
• A: Wine cellar • B: Pet spa
• C: Movie theater • D: Bowling alley
Ask the Audience Results: A: 81% • B: 4% • C: 8% • D: 7%
Dave was not sure on this question, so he decided to poll the audience. 81% of them went with A: Wine cellar, while the others did not even reach double digits. Dave decided to go with the audience, and they were right.

$20,000 (8 of 14) - Not timed
Which artist was inspired to paint his famous work "Guernica" after Nazi bombers destroyed an ancient town of that name in 1937?
"Plus One" lifeline used.
• A: Salvador Dalí • B: Jackson Pollock
• C: Pablo Picasso • D: Mark Rothko
Dave found this question tough, but he knew Guernica was a Spanish painting, and Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso were the only two Spanish painters available. Dave decided to call down his Plus One, his mom Missy, who said right away that it was C: Pablo Picasso. Dave went with his mom and she was right.

$30,000 (9 of 14) - Not timed
Surprisingly, Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg are among the famous musicians who have never had a what?
• A: Number-one hit • B: Number-one album
• C: Grammy award win • D: Platinum record
Dave eliminated A: Number-one hit and narrowed it down B and C. He decided to go with C, which was correct.

Coincidentally, both musicians appeared as celebrity contestants on the 10th Anniversary Primetime Celebration seven years ago.

$50,000 (10 of 14) - Not timed
In addition to being the smallest, Bahrain is the only Middle Eastern nation that is what?
• A: Predominatly Hindu • B: Composed of several islands
• C: Democratic • D: Below the equator
Dave knew Bahrain was above the equator, so he eliminated D. He decided to go to B, after initially thinking C, and got it right.

$100,000 (11 of 14) - Not timed
Anthony Pratt's original 1947 patent for the game that became "Clue" featured drawings of all but which of these as possible weapons?
• A: A bomb • B: A shillelagh
• C: A brick • D: A hypodermic needle
Dave was thinking about which one did not exist in 1947. He leaned towards B: A shillelagh, but then, he thought A: A bomb might be correct too. He eventually decided to go with A, but the correct answer was C: A brick

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