Dave Walters from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, appeared on the UK version of the show of the show on August 3rd, 2010. He was the second contestant to play under the clock format. He is a retired fireman, and part-time carer. Dave has been married to wife Sarah for 7 years (at the time he played) He won £1,000, after incorrectly answering his seventh question for £50,000.


£500 (1 of 12) - 15 seconds
A shrill whistle expressing admiration is named after which animal?
• A: Wolf • B: Wildebeest
• C: Whale • D: Wombat

£1,000 (2 of 12) - 15 seconds
The word 'flurry' usually refers to which of these weather conditions?
• A: Sunshine • B: Snow
• C: Mist • D: Fog
£2,000 (3 of 15) - 30 seconds
The Rosamund Street Medical Centre is featured in which TV Soap?
• A: EastEnders • B: Coronation Street
• C: Neighbours • D: Hollyoaks


Everything's going smoothly so far...

£5,000 (4 of 12) - 30 seconds
In 2009, 15-year-old Tom Daley became Britain's first individual world champion in which sport?
• A: Diving • B: Fencing
• C: Pool • D: Triathlon
£10,000 (5 of 12) - 30 seconds
In the Harry Potter stories, what kind of creature is Firenze?
'Ask The Audience' and '50:50' lifelines used
• A: Dragon • B: Centaur
• C: Phoenix • D: Owl
Ask the Audience Results: A: 22% • B: 19% • C: 23% • D: 36%
With 19 seconds remaining, Dave decided to use Ask the Audience, but the audience was useless. He then used 50:50, which left B & C. He then goes for C, since it rang a bell, and won £10,000.
£20,000 (6 of 12) - 30 seconds
By what name was the wife of US President Nixon known?
• A: Louisa • B: Letitia
• C: Frances • D: Patricia
Dave gives his answer with 8 seconds left. For the previous 22 seconds he remained silent while thinking about his answer.


Dave wins £1,000.

£50,000 (7 of 12) - 30 seconds
Which element makes up most of the human body weight?
'Phone-A-Friend' lifeline used
• A: Oxygen • B: Nitrogen
• C: Sodium • D: Carbon
With 17 seconds left, Dave phones his friend Alan. His other two Phone A Friends are his wife Sarah, and bother-in-law Simon, who Chris says "Looks like Oliver Reed". Alan used to be a school caretaker, but is now a stage manager. Alan says he's not sure, but thinks it is D: Carbon, as humans are Carbon-based lifeforms. He doesn't give a percentage of confidence, as the Phone A Friend clock runs out before he has the chance. Dave says he thought the answer would be water, which is not an element, but a compound, of Hydrogen and Oxygen. With 3 seconds left, Dave chooses Carbon. This is incorrect, and he leaves with just £1,000.

Dave says "£1,000 isn't bad for an afternoon's work."

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