Enrique Chicote Blanco, an agricultural engineer and a public-school teacher who lives in Mataró, a near coast country in Barcelona, was a contestant on ¿Quiere ser millonario? 50 por 15 on May 21, 2000. He walked away with the top prize of ₧ 50,000,000.

Enrique's Run to the 50 Million Edit

  • Note: At some point, Enrique used the Ask the Audience lifeline, and at some other point the klaxon called for time. The exact moment where both of these events happened is currently unknown.

₧ 25,000 (1 of 15)
What specific name receives the person who benefits from an insurance contract?
• A: Insurer • B: Beneficiary
• C: Stowaway • D: Segurata

₧ 50,000 (2 of 15)
What name is given to the very large drum orchestras and bands played with a mallet?
• A: Tamboril • B: Tambourine
• C: Cascabel • D: Drum

₧ 75,000 (3 of 15)
What specific adjective is used to describe a person who utters words confusingly?
• A: Talkative • B: Shabby
• C: Speaker • D: Teacher

₧ 150,000 (4 of 15)
Indianapolis is the capital city of which US state?
• A: Indiana • B: Montana
• C: Ohio • D: Louisiana

₧ 300,000 (5 of 15)
What English word is commonly used to describe a financial advisor?
• A: Stoker • B: Joker
• C: Broker • D: Locker

₧ 350,000 (6 of 15)
What do the words Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite refer to?
• A: Female names • B: Types of stars
• C: Types of columns • D: Chemicals

₧ 450,000 (7 of 15)
Who is the mayor of the town Villar del Río on "Welcome Mr. Marshall!"?
• A: Francisco Martínez Soria • B: José Isbert
• C: Antonio Resines • D: Eduardo Fajardo

₧ 600,000 (8 of 15)
What is the farthest planet from the Sun?
• A: Saturn • B: Venus
• C: Earth • D: Pluto

₧ 750,000 (9 of 15)
What do koalas feed almost exclusively on?
• A: Eucalyptus leaves • B: Worms
• C: Flowers • D: Insects

₧ 1,5 Milion (10 of 15)
What nuclear power installed missile bases in Cuba in 1961, producing an international conflict?
• A: Soviet Union • B: United States
• C: India • D: China

₧ 3 Milion (11 of 15)
What is the name of the point at which someone begins to note the effects of a physical stimulus?
• A: Threshold • B: Umbra
• C: Uncial • D: Unicaulous

₧ 6 Milion (12 of 15)
Which of the following verbs are you referring to the care of the bees?
• A: Avispar • B: Shepherding
• C: Abarbar • D: Abejarucar

₧ 12 Million (13 of 15)
What are the Hottentot?
• A: African countries • B: Ancient monuments
• C: Aquatic insects • D: Arab sheds

₧ 24 Milion (14 of 15)
What name do the disgusting human aspect beings found by Gulliver in Houyhnm country go by?
• A: Viborgs • B: Yahoos
• C: Danns • D: Jarttüns

₧ 50 Million (15 of 15)
Copra can be obtained from which fruit?
"50:50" and "Phone-A-Friend" lifelines used.
• A: Pineapple • B: Cherry
• C: Coconut • D: Apricot
Enrique thought he already knew the answer from the get-go, but he decided to use his lifelines anyway "just to burn through them" (Spanish expression meaning "because yes"). He first used his 50:50, which got rid of A and D. He then uses the Phone-A-Friend, which he took advantage of to call his wife to tell her that he would win the top prize, like John Carpenter did when he did won the million (unlike Carpenter, the clock of the Phone-A-Friend did not start). He then went for C: Coconut, and won the ₧ 50 Million top prize (€300,000).


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