Frank Cook, a truck part seller from Portland, Oregon, was a contestant on season 3 of the U.S. version of the show on September 27, 2001. He walked away with $64,000.


Fastest Finger QuestionEdit

Fastest Finger Question
Put these magazines in the order they were first published, starting with the earliest.
• A: National Geographic • B: Rosie
• C: People • D: Martha Stewart Living

From the 9 remaining contestants, 5 got it right, but Frank (with a time of 5.55 seconds) was the fastest to correctly answer A-C-D-B, making it into the Hot Seat.

Frank's Run to the MillionEdit

$100 (1 of 15) - Not Timed
Frozen or icy rain is known as what?
• A: Sprinkle • B: Mist
• C: Sleet • D: Blockbuster night

$200 (2 of 15) - Not Timed
A shirt that is 50% off would most likely be advertised as what?
• A: Full-price • B: Half-price
• C: Double-price • D: So last season

$300 (3 of 15) - Not Timed
An unconventional person is said to "march to the beat of a different" what?
• A: Saxophonist • B: Pianist
• C: Drummer • D: Pacemaker

$500 (4 of 15) - Not Timed
A monologue is a scene performed by how many actors?
• A: One • B: Two
• C: Three • D: Four

$1,000 (5 of 15) - Not Timed
What country separates Alaska from the continental United States?
• A: Russia • B: Mexico
• C: Cuba • D: Canada

$2,000 (6 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of the following is a grazing animal?
• A: Zebra • B: Hyena
• C: Crocodile • D: Hawk

$4,000 (7 of 15) - Not Timed
A pomade is normally applied to what part of the body?
• A: Cheeks • B: Lips
• C: Hair • D: Fingernails

$8,000 (8 of 15) - Not Timed
On the TV series "Taxi," who is the dispatcher at the Sunshine Cab Company?
• A: Mel Sharples • B: Louie De Palma
• C: Frank Furillo • D: Larry Tate

$16,000 (9 of 15) - Not Timed
An audio cassette deck "reads" tiny patterns of what in order to recreate sounds?
• A: Black and white marks • B: Light
• C: Bumps • D: Magnetic particles

$32,000 (10 of 15) - Not Timed
In the 2001 movie "The Others," the children have an illness that requires them to avoid what?
• A: Sudden movements • B: Touching other people
• C: Direct sunlight • D: Loud noises

$64,000 (11 of 15) - Not Timed
Montmorency is a sour variety of what food?
'Ask the Audience', 'Phone a Friend' and '50:50' lifelines used
• A: Apple - 27% • B: Grape - 28%
• C: Plum - 14% • D: Cherry - 31%
Frank did not know, so he decided to 'beg' the audience, from which the top answer was Cherry with 31%, followed closely by Grape and Apple with 28% and 27%. Therefore, he decided to call his friend Mark, who would say Grape, but was not sure. Therefore, he decided to use his 50:50, eliminating B and C. He decided to go with the audience, locked in D: Cherry, and won $64,000.

$125,000 (12 of 15) - Not Timed
What Shakespeare character says, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!"?
• A: Puck • B: Ariel
• C: Caliban • D: Richard III
Frank eliminated Richard III, but decided to walk away with $64,000. The correct answer was A: Puck.


Preceded by
Eddy McIntyre
U.S. Contestant (Season 3)
Frank Cook
Succeeded by
Carlo Espinas

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