Joonas Palkonen, a 27-year-old firefighter and ambulanceman from Helsinki, was a contestant on the 2016 spring season of the Finnish version of the show on February 27, 2016. He walked away with €1,000, having answered incorrectly in the eighth question.

His run was shot on January 11, 2016.


Fastest Finger First Edit

Fastest Finger First Question
Put the following days of the week in order according to the calendar, starting from Monday.
• A: Mittwoch (Wednesday in German) • B: Sonntag (Sunday in German)
• C: Donnerstag (Thursday in German) • D: Montag (Monday in German)
From the 6 contestants, 4 got it right, but Joonas (with a time of 4.38 seconds) was the fastest to correctly answer D-A-C-B, making it into the Hot Seat.

Joonas's Run to the Million Edit

€100 (1 of 15) - Not timed
The flag of what country is decorated by a maple leaf?
• A: Sweden • B: Estonia
• C: Canada • D: Japan

€300 (2 of 15) - Not timed
What is the main ingredient of a genuine borscht?
• A: Cucumber • B: Radish
• C: Beetroot • D: Bell pepper

€500 (3 of 15) - Not timed
Which of them is the young sidekick of Batman?
• A: Sideshow Bob • B: Robin
• C: Milou • D: Watson

€700 (4 of 15) - Not timed
Whose hitsong is 'Prinssille morsian'?
• A: Prinssi Jusuf • B: Prince Albert
• C: Prince Daniel • D: Prince Charles

€1,000 (5 of 15) - Not timed
Which of the following gentlemen is generally considered the inventor of penicillin?
'Ask 3 of the Audience' and '50:50' lifelines used
• A: Alexander Fleming • B: Isaac Newton
• C: Galileo Galilei • D: Alfred Nobel
Joonas thought Newton and Galilei were wrong answers, and Nobel might be the right one. Since Joonas was not sure, he decided to ask three of the audience. Arvo (from Espoo) said the inventor of penicillin won the Nobel prize and said the inventor was Nobel. Tero (from Espoo) agreed with Arvo. But, Matti (also from Espoo) disagreed with Arvo and Tero, and said he is 100% sure the answer is A: Alexander Fleming. Joonas decided to use '50:50' lifeline just in case, and the answers C and D were removed. He decided to go with Matti, answered A: Alexander Fleming, and guaranteed €1,000. Matti won a gift card of Scandic Hotels for answering correctly.

€2,000 (6 of 15) - Not timed
Which of the following is awarded annually to the best goaltender by NHL?
• A: Art Ross Trophy • B: Jack Adams Award
• C: Maurice Richard Trophy • D: Vezina Trophy
As a fan of ice hockey, Joonas knew the answer easily.

€3,000 (7 of 15) - Not timed
What are the colors in the flag of the United Nations (the UN)?
• A: Blue and white • B: Green and red
• C: Yellow and black • D: Purple and orange

€5,000 (8 of 15) - Not timed
Who won the Finlandia Prize 2015 in fiction with the book 'Oneiron - A Fantasy About the Seconds Following Death'?
'Phone a Friend' lifeline used
• A: Rosa Liksom • B: Heidi Köngäs
• C: Laura Lindstedt • D: Leena Krohn
Joonas did not have a clue, so he decided to phone Hedda Ikonen. Hedda did not name any of the answers before the time ran out. Joonas decided to take a risk and answered D: Leena Krohn. However, the right answer was C: Laura Lindstedt.
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Joonas Palkonen
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