Kate Brown, a development manager for a community projects charity, from Chester-Le-Street in County Durham, appeared on the UK Version of the show on August 3rd, 2010, and the following show one week later on August 10th, 2010. She won £75,000, after walking away on her £150,000 question. She studied geography at unniversity. Her mother Maggie is up in the audience. She told lots of her friends about her appearence on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, despite being sworn to secrecy.

Kate's Run To The Million Edit

£500 (Question 1 of 12) - 15 seconds to answer
A good-looking person is sometimes refered to as 'eye ...' what?
• A: Cake • B: Candy
• C: Cookies • D: Croissant


Kate wins a grand.

£1,000 (Question 2 of 12) - 15 seconds to answer
Which singer and entertainer is best known for the Moonwalk?
• A: Barry Manilow • B: Prince
• C: Billy Joel • D: Michael Jackson

£2,000 (Question 3 of 12) - 30 seconds to answer
The manufacturer Hornby is most associated with which of these?
• A: Teddy bears • B: Toy soldiers
• C: Model railways • D: Rocking horses

Kate says she's had 4 car crashes, but only one was her fault as she rolled backwards into someone else's car.


Kate's mother Maggie, after Kate wins £5,000.

£5,000 (Question 4 of 12) - 30 seconds to answer
The conjunctiva is a membrane in which organ of the body?
• A: Eye • B: Ear
• C: Heart • D: Liver
Kate considers a lifeline, but goes for Eye as conjunctivitis is a disease of the eye. (The inflammation of the conjunctiva membrane.)

Kate wants to take her whole family to Canada if she wins enough money.

£10,000 (Question 5 of 12) - 30 seconds to answer
Which of these is an ice cream desert?
"50:50" Lifeline used
• A: Tortilla • B: Tortellini
• C: Tortoni • D: Tournedos
Kate thinks the answer is C, but as she doesn't know what a 'Tournedos' is, she goes 50:50 with 17 seconds on the clock.

£20,000 (Question 6 of 12) - 30 seconds to answer
Which tennis player won the men's singles title at the 2010 Australian Open?
• A: Roger Federer • B: Rafael Nadal
• C: Andy Murray • D: Novak Djokovic

An ad break is taken.


Kate becomes the first person to earn the new lifeline, and beat the clock.

£50,000 (Question 7 of 12) - 30 seconds to answer
The comedy drama 'Rock & Chips' was a prequel to which TV sitcom?
• A: Only Fools and Horses • B: Last of the Summer Wine
• C: One Foot in the Grave • D: Birds of a Feather
Kate knew the answer was Only Fools and Horses before the answers came up.

As she's reached the £50,000 mark, the clock is now removed for the final 5 questions, and Kate earns a new lifeline, Switch the Question.


'We want to ditch it, now we can Switch it.' - Chris Tarrant.

£75,000 (Question 8 of 12) - Not Timed
In the modernised version of the board game 'Cluedo', which character is a billionaire video game designer?
"Switch the Question" Lifeline used
• A: Diane White • B: Jacob Green
• C: Eleanor Peacock • D: Victor Plum
Kate didn't know, so she switched, She would have said B, which was not correct.


The Audience are split between two options.

£75,000 (Question 8 of 12) - Not Timed - SWITCHED QUESTION
Which country's main aiport was renamed in honour of Mother Teresa in 2002?
"Ask the Audience" and "Phone-A-Friend" Lifelines used
• A: Bulgaria - 7% • B: Albania - 36%
• C: Austria - 13% • D: Romania - 44%
Kate doesn't know, so she asks the audience. As she still doesn't know, she decides to use her final lifeline and phone a friend. Her 3 friends are: Alan, a family friend, Barbara, and Dave. Kate phones Alan. Alan thinks the answer will be Albania as Mother Teresa was born there. Kate goes with him, and wins £75,000.
The Klaxon sounds, signalling the end of the show. Kate Brown will return on the next show, with £75,000 and no lifelines left.

The Klaxon calls time.

£150,000 (Question 9 of 12) - Not Timed
What is the meaning of 'Algarve', the name of the Portuguese tourist region?
• A: Sun coast • B: Big sea
• C: The West • D: Sandy shore
Kate doesn't know, so happily takes £75,000. Kate would have answered D, which would have lost her £25,000. The right answer was C.


Kate takes home a cheque for a huge £75,000.

Trivia Edit

  • For Kate's £75,000 and £150,000 questions, the music appears to echo as the studio music can be heard as well as the post-production music, and the two are not in sync.

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Dave Walters
UK Contestant (Series 27)
Kate Brown
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