Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from Los Angeles, California.

She appeared as the celebrity contestant at the end of the first episode of the 10th Anniversary Primetime Celebration of the U.S. version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

Katy's QuestionEdit

$50,000 (1 of 1) - Not timed
What young celebrity has the Italian phrase for "Live without regrets" tatooed on her back, except the Italian word for "regrets" is misspelled?
• A: Hillary Duff • B: Hayden Panettiere
• C: Vanessa Hudgens • D: Kristen Bell
Katy decided to call her friend, Shannon Woodword, who thought it was B, which is what Katy was originally going for and went with, which was correct.
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10th Anniversary Celebrity Contestants
Katy Perry
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Vanessa Williams

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