Ken Jennings is a game show contestant and author, most known for holding the record for the longest winning streak on Jeopardy!, with 74 games, in 2004.

Ken appeared as an expert for the "Ask the Expert" lifeline on the U.S. version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? from November 3rd-7th and 21st, 2008 on the daytime version and on August 19, 2009 during the 10th Anniversary Primetime Celebration He also appeared as a contestant in 2014 on the "Guinness World Records Edition" and won $100,000. He also appeared on the second season premiere of 500 Questions on May 26, 2016 and was eliminated on the fourth question, leaving with no winnings.

Ken's Run to the MillionEdit

Round 1Edit

$25,000 (1 of 14) - Not Timed
Colonized in the 16th century, what country took its name from the first name of the King of Spain?
• A: Edwardor • B: Kevinzuela
• C: The Philippines • D: Stuganda
Ken's Bank: $25,000

$7,000 (2 of 14) - Not Timed
Long after the same business made the family rich, in 2014, heirs of John D. Rockefeller announced plans to stop investing their charity funds in what?
• A: Railroads • B: Fossil fuels
• C: Diamond mining • D: Steel
Ken's Bank: $32,000

$3,000 (3 of 14) - Not Timed
Despite many movie portrayals, Wikihow says doing what "is rare, not normal" and suggests you seek psychological help if you're considering it?
• A: Planning a wedding • B: Dancing at a wedding
• C: Stopping a wedding • D: Officiating a wedding
Ken's Bank: $35,000

$5,000 (4 of 14) - Not Timed
Considered the world's largest musical instrument, the Great Stalacpipe Organ plays music exclusively where?
• A: Under water • B: Under the night sky
• C: In a jungle • D: In a cave
Ken's Bank: $40,000
$100 (5 of 14) - Not Timed
Despite it being in what is now Istanbul, over 1,000 miles from Scandinavia, what famous landmark is believed to have once been vandalized by Vikings?
• A: Hagia Sophia • B: Dome of the Rock
• C: Persepolis • D: Taj Mahal
Ken's Bank: $40,100

$1,000 (6 of 14) - Not Timed
Which of these is the name of both the Oscar-nominated director of "12 Years a Slave" and an Oscar-nominated actor dubbed "The King of Cool"?
• A: Paul Newman • B: Steve McQueen
• C: Robert Mitchum • D: Richard Burton
Ken's Bank: $41,100

$15,000 (7 of 14) - Not Timed
With its lyric, "And no one heard at all/Not even the chair," what Neil Diamond hit reportedly inspired Clint Eastwood's infamous chair stunt at the 2012 RNC?
• A: Love on the Rocks • B: Sweet Caroline
• C: Song Sung Blue • D: I Am...I Said
Ken's Bank: $56,100

$2,000 (8 of 14) - Not Timed
"The Girl Who Kicked Oliver Twist Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is one response in the Twitter game #literaryturducken, where you have to combine three what?
• A: Book titles • B: Nursery rhymes
• C: Classic TV shows • D: Action figures
Ken's Bank: $58,100
The klaxon called time.

$10,000 (9 of 14) - Not Timed
Because the creature actively avoids humans, expert Chris Buddle says most so-called what are "more likely to be bites or stings from other arthropods?"
• A: Mosquito bites • B: Flea bites
• C: Spider bites • D: Tick bites
Ken's Bank: $68,100

$500 (10 of 14) - Not Timed
Because it does not officially recognize Greek life, what school's "eating clubs" serve as a substitute for fraternities and sororities?
"Ask the Audience," "Plus One" and "Jump the Question" lifelines used.
• A: Columbia University • B: Yale University
• C: Dartmouth College • D: Princeton University
Ask the Audience Results: A: 21% • B: 15% • C: 36% • D: 28%
Ken was not sure on this question, so he decided to ask the audience, but the results were too spread out, so he called down his Plus One, Tony Hightower, who was not so sure either. In the end, Ken decided to jump the question.

Round 2Edit

$100,000 (11 of 14) - Not Timed
When Steve Jobs accused Bill Gates of ripping off Apple, Gates said they'd both stolen from what tech company that developed the mouse?
• A: Hewlett-Packard • B: Xerox
• C: Intel • D: IBM

$250,000 (12 of 14) - Not Timed
Before signing off with "Thank you and good night and God bless America," Al Gore ended his 2000 concession speech with what line?
• A: "From sea to shining sea." • B: "That's a fight I'll never stop."
• C: "I heard you and I will not forget." • D: "It's time for me to go."
Ken remembers hearing this speech, and he thought it might be D, but he did not feel sure enough, so he decided to walk away with $100,000. The correct answer was indeed D.


  • The Plus One that Ken has as happens to be Tony Hightower who later won $250,000 in the Season 14 on September 16, 2015 (episode 3).
  • Ken is the first contestant in the shuffle format to use all 3 lifelines in one question, since it was impossible to do that with two Jump the Question lifelines in Seasons 9-12.


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