Kyle Russell Andaya, from Mandaluyong City, Philippines was a contestant who appeared in the Filipino version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and won P150,000 after giving the incorrect answer on his final question, and was the second contestant to do so under the 12-question format after Şeyma Özin.

Kyle's Run to the Million:Edit

P10,000 (1 of 12) - Not Timed
Which is not a human blood type?
• A: A • B: B
• C: O • D: Z
P20,000 (2 of 12) - Not Timed
What is A in A-bomb?
• A: alligator • B: avocado
• C: atomic • D: avenue
P35,000 (3 of 12) - Not Timed
Which of the Biblical characters who has a multi-colored Dreamcoat?
• A: Joseph • B: David
• C: Solomon • D: Adam
The klaxon called time. Kyle will be back next week with all his lifelines available.
P50,000 (4 of 12) - Not Timed
In Adventure Time, what color is Finn's dog Jake?
• A: (not revealed) • B: (not revealed)
• C: (not revealed) • D: (not revealed)
Correct Answer: yellow
P150,000 (7 of 12) - Not Timed
Where is Van Gogh Museum located?
• A: Amsterdam • B: (not revealed)
• C: (not revealed) • D: Copenhagen
P250,000 (8 of 12) - Not Timed
For the Cordilleras, what do you call on a burnay?
• A: (not revealed) • B: jar
• C: (not revealed) • D: (not revealed)
P400,000 (9 of 12) - Not Timed
What Shakespeare's play inspired the musical "West Side Story"?
'Phone a Friend' lifeline used.
• A: Macbeth • B: Hamlet
• C: Romeo and Juliet • D: Much Ado About Nothing
He phoned Monty Lorenzo in this question.
P600,000 (10 of 12) - Not Timed
Fred Noonan was the navigator with the last trip of the famous aviator who?
• A: Amelia Earhart • B: Charles Lindbergh
• C: Wilbur Wright • D: Yuri Gagarin
P1,000,000 (11 of 12) - Not Timed
How long does a cosmic year or a rotation of our solar system in the center of the Milky Way?
• A: 220 months • B: 220 years
• C: 220 thousand years • D: 220 million years
P2,000,000 (12 of 12) - Not timed
What is Peruvian Inca Orchid?
• A: bird • B: dog
• C: butterfly • D: fish
He went for option C, unfortunately, the correct answer was actually B. He lost P850,000.


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