Latika is one of the major characters from Slumdog Millionaire.


Latika first appeared when Jamal and Salim were running away from the Bombay Riots. Jamal invites her to come with them and said that she could be like the third musketeer from the Alexandre Dumas novel. The three are later captured by Maman, a gangster who traffics children. They try to flee on a departing train, but Latika does not make it after Salim lets go of her hand. She is recaptured by Maman.

A few years later, Salim and Jamal find out that Latika has been raised as a prostitute by Maman, so they returned to Mumbai to rescue her.

After another few years, Latika is recaptured by Javed's men. However, during Jamal's Millionaire run, Salim lets her go and even gives her his phone and car keys so that she could escape. Jamil eventually reached his final question and decided to call Salim, but Latika picked up the phone instead. However, she did not know the answer, but she tells him that she is safe.

Latika appears again at the end of the film in the "Jai Ho" scene.

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