Maksim Galkin (Russian: Максим Александрович Галкин) was born on June 18, 1976 in Naro-Fominsky District, USSR.

He first became famous as an impersonator and is known for his talent at parody and his duets with the famous Russian pop singer Alla Pugacheva and Ani Lorak.

Maksim Galkin was also the host of the Russian version of Kto khochet stat' millionerom? on February 19, 2001 after it was renamed from O, Schastlivchik! (Oh, Lucky Man!) and to 2008.

He hosted the Desyat Millionov, Russian version of The Million Pound Drop.

During his University years Galkin appeared in KVN, the Russian youth stand-up comedy competition, which kick-started his career. Recently, he acted as a judge on the show.

Galkin and Pugacheva were hosts of a Russian TV show similar to Mozhesh? Spoy (But Can They Sing?), Dve Zvezdy (Two Stars). Pairs made up of a professional singer and a celebrity compete for the honour of being named Two Stars. Famous alumnae include the singers ZhasminAlsu and Nastya Kamenskikh.

Maksim had a very classical and strict upbringing. His mother was a teacher, and he finished music and maths school, and knows four languages, Russian, English, German and French. He is a graduate of the Russian State University of the Humanities.

Galkin is one of the few comedians currently performing an impression, albeit 'light-hearted', of President Vladimir Putin, notoriously sensitive to humorous depictions of himself, on Russia's Channel One TV channel.

On August 24, 2013 Igor Nikolayev and Yuliya Proskuryakova had Maxim as Phone-a-Friend. He answered C option. The couple doubted and "Double Dip" lifeline used. Contestants first time answered D option, who was right. They won 100,000 rubles (minimum amount).

On February 18, 2017 in first time he appeared as contestant, have chosen 200,000 rubles as minimum amount, answered the 13th question wrong, lost 200,000 rubles and won them. He periodically changes places with Dmitry Dibrov.

Maxim's Full Run Edit

500 rubles (1 of 15) - Not Timed
Finish the story: "We ..."?
• A: With hair • B: With a mustache
• C: With clock • D: With debts
1,000 rubles (2 of 15) - Not Timed
How is the plant called in everyday life, which is often given to women for the holiday of 8th March?
• A: Olivier • B: Vinaigrette
• C: Mimosa • D: Dressing herring
2,000 rubles (3 of 15) - Not Timed
How can passengers often get on a plane?
• A: Jet bridge • B: Collar
• C: Lapel • D: Cuffs
3,000 rubles (4 of 15) - Not Timed
What was the name of the song that Lev Leshchenko sang?
• A: "The Passerine's Pack" • B: "Nightingale's Grove"
• C: "Swallow's Nest" • D: "Crow's Slobodka"
5,000 rubles (5 of 15) - Not Timed
What kind of playing field is missing on the chessboard?
• A: h8 • B: b7
• C: k6 • D: g5
10,000 rubles (6 of 15) - Not Timed
What course did Hogwarts learn from Harry Potter when he revealed the secret of the Chamber of Secrets?
• A: At the first • B: On the second
• C: On the third • D: On the fourth
15,000 rubles (7 of 15) - Not Timed
What rite before the wedding was called a hand-hitting?
• A: Finding out who is stronger • B: Holiday of groom's friends
• C: Dressing the bride • D: Contract binding
25,000 rubles (8 of 15) - Not Timed
Who is the author of the lines: "Lenin was living, Lenin is alive, Lenin will live"?
"Ask the Audience" lifeline used
• A: Yesenin • B: Mayakovsky
• C: Stalin • D: Lenin
Ask the Audience Results: A: 11% • B: 50% • C: 35% • D: 4%
50,000 rubles (9 of 15) - Not Timed
With whom did the title hero of "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" fight?
• A: With the Kipchaks • B: With the Sarmatians
• C: With the Scythians • D: With the Pechenegs
100,000 rubles (10 of 15) - Not Timed
Who can be seen in Levitan's painting "March"?
"50:50" lifeline used
• A: Dog • B: Cow
• C: Horse • D: Cat
200,000 rubles (11 of 15) - Not Timed
Which the Moscow store used to be called the Upper Trade Rows?
• A: TsUM • B: Petrovsky Passage
• C: Moscow Gostiny Dvor • D: GUM
400,000 rubles (12 of 15) - Not Timed
What birthday of a character in Riga is celebrated on Jauniela Street?
• A: John Silver • B: Sherlock Holmes
• C: Gleb Zheglov • D: Count Dracula
800,000 rubles (13 of 15) - Not Timed
What letter has disappeared from the Russian alphabet as a result of the reform of Peter I?
"Phone-a-Friend" lifeline used
• A: Phi • B: Yat
• C: Omega • D: Dotted I

Maxim uses the Phone-a-Friend lifeline. Alexander Barulin is not sure of the answer, calling option A and C. Maxim believed his friend and lost.

Scandals Edit

As Maxim Galkin's popularity grew, so did his demands. Sometimes there were serious scandals. Here are some of them.

Scandal of 2007 Edit

In February 2007, during the next filming, the presenter left the set, explaining that he can not work in conditions in which he was "driven". While Galkin went on tour in Siberia, the program, beloved by millions of viewers, there were minor changes: The show moved from one the filming pavilion (11, Kasatkina street) to another (1, Liza Chaykina street).

The program just moved to the pavilion of "Teledom" (Moscow city, 1, Liza Chaykina street). If other artists somehow put up with the tight, stuffy dressing rooms without air conditioning, with constantly fumed toilet without water, Maxim Galkin did not tolerate such inconveniences. He categorically expressed his claims, collected his things and left. At that moment, many employees of the Channel One thought that Galkin was gone forever.

Galkin came to the filming a little tired, they made themselves known for long flights. Maxim went to the dressing room and demanded a dresser.

- Well, what is it, my dressing room, or what? - Maxim began to complain to the staff. "Why so tight?" Where's the toilet? On the other floor, or what? Why so far? I do not like this!

For half an hour, while the participants of the show were preparing for the record and the technical staff was adjusting the equipment, Maxim paced the rooms. At the same time, he loudly expressed his dissatisfaction with the new studio and shook his nerves to the editors. And when he was called to the cameras, Maxim shocked everyone with amazing news.

- Do not turn on the cameras! Maxim said to the sound engineer. - I will not do anything. I will not participate in the filming. Tired of everything!

After these words, Maxim left the studio and, without changing his clothes, got into his car and left.

With great difficulty, the staff of the show managed to reassure people, who came from other cities to participate in the show, and convince them that the filming is only postponed indefinitely.

The next day, the Channel One tried to get through to Maxim, but the TV presenter sat in his favorite casino and relieved the stress behind the roulette table. The decision to leave the "Millionaire" was given to Galkin uneasy, because the TV host conducted the transfer for four years and still it occupies the top lines of TV ratings.

- The fact that Maxim was tired of the transfer, we understood for a long time, - said one of the collaborators of the Channel One. - For a long time it was felt that he was not captivated by the process of filming and he is host the game as if on a machine. The new studio was just an excuse to leave KHSM, and it is unclear what will happen with the show.

The participants of the program, who came from different parts of Russia, suffered most of all in this situation.

- We were told that the shooting was canceled, because Maxim Galkin was ill, says 31-year-old Vlad K. - Naturally, we started asking when they would start. The editors' response amazed us that not earlier than June. I was terribly surprised, what kind of illness is this, because Maxim went absolutely healthy. I called my friends from the film crew, and they told me that Galkin had left the show. Meanwhile an anonymous employee of the First Channel One reported that on the very same day Maxim Galkin returned to the studio and recorded the program.

The management made every effort to return the humorist to the show, and in the beginning of May the famous voice of Maxim again sounded in the corridors of the pavilion. And in the new toilet bowls transparent water began to gurgle.

Scandal of 2008 Edit

In September 2008, the popular comedian Maxim Galkin at the insistence of the singer Alla Pugacheva wanted to abandon the role of the host of Russian version of KHSM. Pugacheva convinces her pet, they say, it's not the tsar's business to carry on this broadcast, which is watched only by a pathetic 3.8% of TV viewers. In his place Maxim dreams of offering the leadership of the Channel One a new host, his dear friend Sergey Drobotenko.

On the sidelines of "Ostankino" there were rumors that the humorist decided to leave the program he had been host for seven years after the New Year. It is then that Maxim's contract with the Channel One ends. As it turned out, the case is in an excessively low rating of the show. According to the materials of Gallup Media, this program has moved to the table from 48 to 54 in recent months. The program managed to pester everyone, and she was even changed from airtime - from an expensive evening to a cheap day.

- There is no question of closing the program KHSM can not go, - explained in the Directorate of Public Relations of the Channel One. - Let this game and not rating, but it has its own audience.

In 2001, there were two significant events that became a turning point in Maxim's career: acquaintance with Alla Pugacheva at the festival "Slaviansky Bazar" in Vitebsk and an offer to take the seat of the KHSM's host.

As the friends of the star tell, recently Alla recommended to Maxim not to renew the contract with the "millionaire", saying that the future spouse of the prima donna should not take part in low-rating projects, no matter what the money was paying. Maxim only obediently nodded his head.

In September 13, 2008 last episode Sergey Astakhov the Phone-a-Friend lifeline used, a friend handed the receiver to his mother, Nina Tiranovna, who admitted that she liked all the programs that Maxim Galkin was host and involved, except for the game KHSM show. After that, Maxim finally left the show.

A competition for the vacant position of the presenter was announced. That's when Dibrov was remembered. In addition, most of the audience voted for Sergey Svetlakov and Ivan Urgant. But in the December 2008 Dmitry Dibrov returned to the show.

Preceded by
Dmitry Dibrov
Russian host
Maksim Galkin'
Succeeded by
Dmitry Dibrov

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