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Mark Labbett, a supply teacher from Newport and Chaser on ITV's The Chase, known as 'The Beast', got into the chair on April 1st 2006 and won £32,000 the next week.

1. Which of these is a type of biscuit?

A: Congestive

B: Digestive

C: Ingestive

D: Suggestive

Correct Answer: B

2. Which of these did highwaymen traditionally wear?

A: Beret

B: Earmuffs

C: Mask

D: Goggles

Correct Answer: C

3. Which word is used to describe the rapid, continuous talk of a comedian or salesman?

A: Batter

B: Clatter

C: Matter

D: Patter

Correct Answer: D

4. Which celebrity couple first met on the TV show 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here'?

A: Jamie & Jools Oliver

B: Tess Daly & Vernon Kay

C: Jordan & Peter Andre

D: Madonna & Guy Ritchie

Correct Answer: C

5. Which of these creatures is not a quadruped?

A: Cat

B: Crocodile

C: Chameleon

D: Crane

Correct Answer: D

6. Which word describes a piece of knitting with a series of raised rows?

A: Ribbed

B: Skulled

C: Skulled

D: Hipped

Correct Answer: A

(Mark didn't have a clue so he asked the audience and a high 94% said Ribbed which of course was correct winning the Beast £2,000)

7. Estoril is a resort in which country?

A: Turkey

B: Italy

C: France

D: Portugal

Correct Answer: D

8. Which fruit is the principal ingredient of a traditional 'tarte tarin'?

A: Peach

B: Pineapple

C: Apple

D: Mango

Correct Answer: C

(Mark was clueless on any Food related questions so he called a female friend, a caterer called Mo who immediately responded Apple. Mark went for it winning £8,000 then the klaxon called time and Mark would return next week on £8,000 with 1 lifeline left, 50:50)

9. Who played Long John Silver in the film 'Muppet Treasure Island'?

A: Tim Curry

B: Tim Brooke-Taylor

C: Tim Rice

D: Tim McInnerny

Correct Answer: A

10. What was the occupation of the American president Thomas Jefferson?

A: Bishop

B: Carpenter

C: Veterinary Surgeon

D: Lawyer

Correct Answer: D

11. The best selling novel 'Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow' is set cheifly in which country?

A: Canada

B: Denmark

C: Switzerland

D: Nepal

Correct Answer: B

(Mark used 50:50 which left A and B. Mark took a guess at Canada because he didn't know the answer and he couldn't lose on it. Unfortunately it was wrong)

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