Megan Cox, a bus driver from Bedford, Indiana, appeared on the U.S. version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. After answering her $5,000 question wrong, she left with nothing. Her Plus One, whom she never called down, was her dad, Greg.

She says she has a second distinct personalities who has a Chinese name who speaks Chinese while in China.

Megan's Run to the MillionEdit

$500 (1 of 14) - Not timed
With broken bones a common occurrence during competitions, what did the New York call "the world's most dangerous organized sport"?
• A: Bull riding • B: Chainsaw skating
• C: Burning tree climbing • D: 4 x 10 TNT relay

$1,000 (2 of 14) - Not timed
On's 2016 map of each state's favorite reality show, what TLC show featuring a polygamist family is the most popular in Utah?
• A: Naked and Afraid • B: Pawn Stars
• C: Sister Wives • D: RuPaul's Drag Race

$2,000 (3 of 14) - Not timed says "Drinking alcohol will damage" them and "Drinking lots of water will flush out toxins" are two myths about human what?
• A: Bones • B: Kidneys
• C: Spinal cords • D: Fingernails

$3,000 (4 of 14) - Not timed
If you look closely, you can spot a stylized "3" in the capital "B" and "1" in the capital "R" of what brand's logo?
• A: Banana Republic • B: Baby Ruth
• C: Baskin-Robbins • D: Big Red

$5,000 (5 of 14) - Not timed
Which of the following is neither a 16th century English song, nor the name of Hitler's stormtroopers, nor the original name of a Chicago baseball team?
• A: Brownshirts • B: Black Hats
• C: Greensleeves • D: White Stockings
Megan knew C was the English song and that D was a baseball team's former name, and she guessed that B were the stormtroopers, so she went for A, but the correct answer was actually B: Black Hats. Brownshirts was the name of Hitler's stormtroopers.

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