Mike Feinberg, a financial planner from Sterling, Virginia, was a contestant on season 1 of the U.S. version of the show on November 12-13, 1999. He walked away with $64,000.


Fastest Finger QuestionEdit

Fastest Finger Question
Put the following television dogs in the order of their debut, from the earliest to the most recent.
• A: Scrappie-Doo • B: Lassie
• C: Taco Bell chihuahua • D: Eddie from Frasier

From the 10 contestants, 6 got it right, but Mike (with a time of 3.70 seconds) was the fastest to correctly answer C-D-A-B, making it into the Hot Seat.

Mike's Run to the MillionEdit

$100 (1 of 15) - Not Timed
In the film 'Forrest Gump,' what does Forrest's mother say life is like?
• A: A night at the bus stop • B: A box of chocolates
• C: A new dishwasher • D: A cross-country race
Regis accidentally slipped up and indirectly spoiled the answer. However, as Mike had chosen B before he had done so, this did not matter, and Mike won $100

$200 (2 of 15) - Not Timed
Nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty is famous for falling off what?
• A: His bicycle • B: The edge of the earth
• C: A wall • D: The wagon

$300 (3 of 15) - Not Timed
According to the old proverb, what will the mice do 'when the cat's away'?
• A: Cry • B: Sleep
• C: Play • D: Watch TV

$500 (4 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of these professions is also a famous brand of underwear?
• A: Astronaut • B: Jockey
• C: Plumber • D: Cable Guy

$1,000 (5 of 15) - Not Timed
What car was named after famed automaker Henry Ford's only son?
• A: Edsel • B: Thunderbird
• C: Model A • D: Mustang

$2,000 (6 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of the following quantifies sheets of paper?
• A: Ream • B: Quiver
• C: Bale • D: Rod

$4,000 (7 of 15) - Not Timed
What image is pictured on the current Canadian national flag?
• A: Grizzly bear • B: Mountain
• C: Union Jack • D: Maple leaf

$8,000 (8 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of the following is not a type of mushroom?
'50:50' and 'Ask the Audience' lifelines used
• A: Morel • B: Shiitake
• C: Endive • D: Portobello
Ask the Audience Results: A: 16% • B: - • C: 84% • D: -
The klaxon called time, and Mike would return on $8,000 with 1 lifeline still available

$16,000 (9 of 15) - Not Timed
In biology, the 'double-helix' describes the specific structure of what substance?
'Phone a Friend' lifeline used
• A: DNA • B: Blood
• C: RNA • D: Amniotic fluid
Mike did not know, so he decided to call his stepfather Robert, who was absolutely sure it was DNA. Mike went with him and won $16,000

$32,000 (10 of 15) - Not Timed
Shannon Faulkner was the first female cadet admitted to what military school?
• A: The Citadel • B: The Air Force Academy
• C: West Point • D: Annapolis

$64,000 (11 of 15) - Not Timed
The Eagles were once the backup band for what singer?
• A: Bonnie Raitt • B: Linda Ronstadt
• C: Emmylou Harris • D: Crystal Gayle

$125,000 (12 of 15) - Not Timed
What animal is represented on a caduceus?
• A: Snake • B: Bear
• C: Cat • D: Horse
Mike had no idea, so he decided to walk away with $64,000; and given a guess, he would have said Snake. The correct answer was indeed A: Snake


  • Regis' slip up during the $100 question marked the first time the answer of a question had been given before locking an answer. It sort of went like this:
    • Regis (after Mike had chosen B as his answer but hadn't lock it in yet): "Box of chocolates. What a great line. You're absolutely-- Final answer??"
    • Mike: "Yes it is!"
    • Regis: "Oh, my gosh!"
    • Mike: "It is now!"
    • Regis: "Yes, it is now!" (Regis breaks up laughing) "Oh, you're gonna get me in trouble! No, it was your answer, wasn't it?"
    • Mike: "Yes."
    • Regis: "Yeah, of course. A hundred bucks, I'll give it to you myself! You got it!"


Preceded by
John LaMantia
U.S. Contestant (Season 1)
Mike Feinberg
Succeeded by
Adam Fine

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