This is a list of media with references to, spoofs of, or actual clips of Millionaire.

  • In The Royle Family episode Barbara's Finally Had Enough (1999), The whole episode focuses on the Royle family watching the second episode of the series on TV.
  • In the Spin City episode How to Bury a Millionaire (1999), Paul Lassiter (Richard Kind) is a contestant on the show and at first doesn't understand the rules of the game, but ends up winning a million dollars at the end.
  • In the movie About a Boy (2002), the show begins the movie as Will (Hugh Grant) narrates the first chapter.
  • In The Sopranos episode The Weight (2002),

Tony and Junior watches a contestant blow his $1,000 question and Junior comments on how the 'poor prick' used up all his lifelines. The contestant featured is Sal Mecca

  • In the movie Millions (2004), the family watch the Programme on TV with Ronnie exclaiming the correct answer. Whilst not actually seen, the episode featured is the one from April 5, 2000 with Jim Titmuss, as Chris is heard referring to him by name. Danny Boyle, who directed the movie, would go on to direct Slumdog Millionaire.
  • In the movie Separate Lies (2005), James Manning watches an episode on TV. The question being asked is Kate Heusser's million pound question.
  • In the movie Slumdog Millionaire (2008), Jamal Malik appears on Kaun Banega Crorepati, with each question triggering a series of flashbacks. Also, Celador Films was behind production of the movie.
  • In the Futurama episode, The Duh-Vinci Code (2010), Fry appears on Who Dares to Be a Millionaire? but fails at the first question.
  • In the Family Guy episode Road to India (2016), Brian Griffin plays Millionaire.

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