On the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? franchise, the money tree is the prize awarded for each correct answer until the contestant reaches the final question. On the money tree, upon answering a certain number of questions correctly, the contestant is guaranteed to win a certain amount of money (that is, they cannot leave the game with less than that amount).

On the original British version of the show, the money tree went like this:

  • £100
  • £200
  • £300
  • £500
  • £1,000
  • £2,000
  • £4,000
  • £8,000
  • £16,000
  • £32,000
  • £64,000
  • £125,000
  • £250,000
  • £500,000
  • £1,000,000

The amounts in bold are the guarantee points, and the amounts in italics are the half-measures. At any stage, a contestant may leave the game with the cash prize they have got if they have used up all of their lifelines and are not certain of an answer. On the original British version of the show with the 15 question format, for example, a contestant failing on Question 9 would win £1,000 - this means that the contestant has made it past the £1,000 milestone, but has lost the £7,000 of the £8,000 he or her had upon answering the question incorrectly.

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