O, Schastlivchik! (Russian: О, счастливчик!, English translation O, Lucky Man!), also Hotite stat’ millionerom? - O, Schastlivchik! (Russian: Xотите стать миллионером? - О, счастливчик!, English translation Want to became a millionaire? - O, Lucky Man!) was the first version of Kto khochet stat' millionerom? based off British Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Aired from October 1, 1999 to January 28, 2001 on NTV channel. Hosted by Dmitry Dibrov. Composed by Dmitry Byalko and Chris Coss.

On November 4, 2000, NTV aired a documentary film about the show, which was called "Is this your final answer? "O, Lucky Man!"s Seсrets"" (Russian: "Это ваш окончательный ответ? Секреты "О, счастливчика!").

On February 19, 2001, the program was moved to ORT (Channel One) with a new host, Maxim Galkin. Since then, the show was renamed Kto khochet stat' millionerom?.

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In show was the three main lifelines:

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Question Prize
15 1,000,000 rubles
14 500,000 rubles
13 250,000 rubles
12 125,000 rubles
11 64,000 rubles
10 32,000 rubles
9 16,000 rubles
8 8,000 rubles
7 4,000 rubles
6 2,000 rubles
5 1,000 rubles
4 500 rubles
3 300 rubles
2 200 rubles
1 100 rubles

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Trivia Edit

  • Vladimir Kara-Murza, Olga ?, Svetlana Sorokina, and Mikhail Levandovsky missed the 250,000 rubles question and lost the biggest amount of the original show, 93,000 rubles.
    • The only person who manage to answer it correctly (along with the 500,000 rubles question) is Sergey Strokin.
  • One of the funniest moments in show is when the contestant first uses the "50:50" prompt, and then immediately prompts "Ask the Audience". Usually in the studio there are audience, who vote for the already missing answers (in June 24, 2000, October 14, 2000, December 22, 2000, January 5, 2001, January 27, 2001 episodes).
  • Leonid Parfyonov is the celebrity only, who appeared in O, Schastlivchik! twice.
  • Kirill Tolmatsky is the youngest player who appeared on age 17 not 18 on new year episode.
  • Yelena Ivanova is contestant only, who answered the 1st question wrong.
  • Natalya Raybman appeared in Season 1 twice. Also Mikhail Sharov appeared twice - in Seasons 1 and 2.
  • Oleg Obukhov is one of the few contestants, who used all three lifelines to the fifth question.
  • Mikhail Levandovsky become the first contestant in Russia, who retained all three lifelines to the 13th question, but on it all used and lost 93,000 rubles.
  • In Russian version's history six contestants the "Ask the Audience" on 1st question were used: Denis Baturin and Sergey Rebrov (November 11, 1999, 81% and 65% is right respectively), Anatoly Kozyr (April 6, 2000, 56% is right), Julietta Stepanyan (May 25, 2000, 65% is right), Mariya Glazkova (November 11, 2000, 65% is right) and Valery Shaposhnikov (December 9, 2000, 69% is right).
  • On October 14, 1999 the contestant Sergey Shevchenko the Ask the Audience used, where 76% audience voted for wrong answer, and 20% are right. On April 8, 2000 the contestant Mikhail Filinov-Chernyshev the lifeline used where 83% were wrong, and 3% were right. On January 5, 2001 this record was beaten (Mikhail Levandovsky's 250,000 rubles question): 80% are wrong, and 14% are right.
  • On December 9, 1999, in the formulation of Anzor Semenov's 3rd question the pronoun was not consistent with the noun being determined (A grammatical mistake was made).
  • On December 23, 1999 the contestant Oleg Rakhimov used, but after refused to use the Ask the Audience lifeline. More such cases did not occur.
  • On February 3, 2000 only in FFF right order was ABCD.
  • On April 13, 2000 episode during a Phone-a-Friend on the 8th question of the Anton Gorbachev, Dmitry Dibrov mentioned John Carpenter, the very first Top Prize winner in WWTBAM's history.
  • At the beginning of June 29, 2000 episode, the statistics of the Season 1 were shown (48 episodes, 480 candidates in studio, 109 contestants in hot seat, 1,104 questions (?), total winnings is 2,110,000 rubles).
  • The episodes filmed in the 5th pavilion of the "Mosfilm" cinema concern before moving to "Ostankino" Technical Center.

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