Per Hörberg from Kungsbacka was a contestant on the Swedish version of the show, Postkodmiljonären, on February 10–11 and 17, 2006. He became the first contestant to win the top prize, 1,000,000 SEK.


Per's (Partial) Run to the Million Edit

When the February 11 episode began, Per had won 100,000 SEK, and he had two lifelines left.

150,000 SEK (11 of 15) - Not timed
The thyroid gland is located where in the human body?
• A: In the armpits • B: Right under the larynx
• C: In the upper part of the large intestine • D: Under the spleen

225,000 SEK (12 of 15) - Not timed
Who was the ruler of England when Shakespeare wrote 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in the end of the 16th century?
• A: Richard III • B: Henry VIII
• C: Elizabeth I • D: James II

350,000 SEK (13 of 15) - Not timed
Which of the following actors is the oldest?
'Ask the Audience' and 'Phone a Friend' lifelines used
• A: Robert Redford • B: Sean Connery
• C: Clint Eastwood • D: Paul Newman
Per decided to ask the audience, but did not want to answer as they said. Then he phoned a friend. With a gut feeling and help of his friend, he decided to answer D: Paul Newman that turned out to be correct.

500,000 SEK (14 of 15) - Not timed
Who was the East German who stumbled in the last obstacle of the 3000 metres steeplechase in the 1976 Summer Olympics?
• A: Frank Baumgartl • B: Ludwig Tieck
• C: Achim von Arnim • D: Joseph Eichendorff
After the 14th question, the klaxon called time, and Per returned for the last time in the next episode.

1,000,000 SEK (15 of 15) - Not timed
In what Chinese city can you visit the Terracotta Army that is guarding Qin Shi Huang's tomb?
• A: Nanjing • B: Beijing
• C: Shanghai • D: Xi'an