Richard de Bree was a contestant, who appeared on Lotto Weekend Miljonairs and won €500.000 on July 2, 2011.

Richard de Bree's Run Edit

€ 500.000 (11 of 12) - Not timed
Which weapon features on the badge of Zimbabwe and the flag of Mozambique?
• A: A kalashnikov • B: A bat
• C: A machete • D: A stiletto
€ 1.000.000 (12 of 12) - Not timed
Which route you can follow according to the DNB, if you put all non-returned guilder coins in a row?
• A: Rotterdam-New York • B: Amsterdam-Paris
• C: Moscow-Beijing • D: Nordpool-Zuidpool
Richard walked away with € 500.000

Trivia Edit

  • Richard is the largest winner ever on the Dutch version of WWTBAM.
    • Hans Peters won the top prize of 1 million guilders in 2001, but its only worth €498,914.25. Hans was the second biggest winner in the Dutch version of WWTBAM