Stephen Fox, a radio producer and guitarist from Tallahassee, Florida, was a contestant on season 1 of the U.S. version of the show on November 19-20, 1999. He walked away with $32,000 after incorrectly answering his $64,000 question.


Fastest Finger QuestionEdit

Fastest Finger Question
Put the following Kevin Costner movies in the order they were released, starting with the most recent.
• A: Bull Durham • B: Dances with Wolves
• C: Tin Cup • D: The Bodyguard
From the 10 contestants, 7 got it right, but Stephen (with a time of 5.28 seconds) was the fastest to correctly answer A-B-D-C, making it into the Hot Seat. However, immediately after this the klaxon called time, so Stephen would return next day to start the game.

Stephen's Run to the MillionEdit

$100 (1 of 15) - Not Timed
What term is generally used to describe a young bear?
• A: Chick • B: Cub
• C: Bunny • D: Ditka
$200 (2 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of the following is another name for Santa Claus?
• A: Aladdin • B: Jack Frost
• C: Kris Kringle • D: Rumplestilskin
$300 (3 of 15) - Not Timed
When referring to intelligence, what does the letter 'Q' stand for in the abbreviation 'IQ'?
• A: Quack • B: Quirky
• C: Quotient • D: Queasy
$500 (4 of 15) - Not Timed
Which of the following is both an exclamation and a way to mend socks?
'Ask the Audience' lifeline used
• A: Alack • B: Darn
• C: Criminy • D: Shoot
Ask the Audience Results: A: 5% • B: 81% • C: 5% • D: 9%
$1,000 (5 of 15) - Not Timed
During what inning of a baseball game is it tradition for the spectators to stand and stretch?
• A: Fifth • B: Sixth
• C: Seventh • D: Ninth
$2,000 (6 of 15) - Not Timed
'Peanuts' character Snoopy is the spokesdog for which of the following insurance companies?
• A: Aetna • B: MetLife
• C: Allstate • D: State Farm
$4,000 (7 of 15) - Not Timed
Ophthalmology deals with disorders of what part of the body?
• A: Feet • B: Nose
• C: Eyes • D: Throat
$8,000 (8 of 15) - Not Timed
What type of automobile transported Michael J. Fox through time in 'Back to the Future'?
• A: DeLorean • B: Chevrolet
• C: Buick • D: Jaguar
$16,000 (9 of 15) - Not Timed
Who wrote the novel, 'The Great Gatsby'?
• A: F. Scott Fitzgerald • B: Ernest Hemingway
• C: William Faulkner • D: Charles Dickens
$32,000 (10 of 15) - Not Timed
From where did the Dalai Lama flee in 1959?
• A: Nepal • B: Tibet
• C: Vietnam • D: India
$64,000 (11 of 15) - Not Timed
Jane Goodall became known for her work with what animals?
• A: Gorillas • B: Lions
• C: Chimpanzees • D: Elephants


  • Stephen was the first contestant to have Rosie O'Donnell in his call list. He didn't get to call her though, or anyone for that matter.


Preceded by
John Carpenter
U.S. Contestant (Season 1)
Stephen Fox
Succeeded by
John Capolongo

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