• Hello Millionaire Wiki readers!

    As part of a plan to give all articles on our Wiki the chance to be on the Welcome page spotlight, I'm opening Featured Article nominations for the Month of November 2016. These polls will currently be held monthly, and anyone may take part in them.

    Here's how they will work. You may nominate up to two articles you believe are the best options for our Welcome page Featured Article section as a reply to this post, and you may not nominate an article that has already been nominated or that has acted as Featured Article of the Month last month. If you change your mind, you can always post a new message indicating your new preferences (please do not delete old messages). You can, and are encouraged to, discuss any nominations in this topic and propose any modifications that any nominee needs because, at the end of the day, the article that receives the most votes will be displayed on our Welcome page as Featured Article, and is bound to receive lots of interested readers! By the way, remember to be civil and courteous at all times!

    What will happen afterwards? This Friday at approximately 20:00 UTC, nominations will be closed. This post will then be edited to include a poll that will contain all nominated articles. All readers, including non-registered users, are encouraged to vote for whatever article they believe is the best fit for our front page. You are NOT allowed to vote using multiple accounts (this includes voting while logged out). If Millionaire Wiki staff suspect you have voted more than once, they may impose some sanctions on all your accounts.

    On Sunday at approximately 20:00 UTC, voting will be closed. Whatever article is leading up to that point will be chosen as Featured Article for the Month of November 2016. In case of a tie, page size in bytes will be used as a tiebreaker. This article will then appear on our Welcome page as Featured Article, and will remain there the whole month.

    Millionaire Wiki staff reserve the right to extend nomination and voting periods if no more than 3 users take part in either process, to end both periods before the aforementioned dates, and to disregard nominations and voting results if they believe that nominated articles are not up to standards or if they have reason to consider that the results are fraudulent (e.g. people voting more than once).

    And that’s it! Any questions can be left as a reply to this message. Start thinking about what articles you believe should be on our Welcome page, and make sure you get those nominations in by Friday!

    EDIT: Nominations are now closed! You may now decide which one of these articles you believe is the one currently best fit for our Welcome page as a featured article. Voting will be closed this Sunday at approximately 20:00 UTC.

    Which page should be Millionaire Wiki's Featured Article for the Month of November 2016?

    The poll was created at 20:19 on October 28, 2016, and so far 7 people voted.
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