• Hello there!

    As suggested in the Wiki standards topic, we were in the process of setting up a bot that would perform some mundane tasks. And as of today, we have been given the greenlight by Fandom staff to start operating a bot in this wiki.

    So, say hi to User:MillionaireBOT.

    This bot will be in charge of doing the boring work (such as moving pages from one category to another, fixing grammar mistakes, and so on), so as to free up space for our regular users to perform more useful contributions. You do not need to worry about MillionaireBOT clogging up the wiki activity section, as bot edits are hidden by default.

    The admins at this wiki will always attempt to let the community know what the bot is up to, and are open to any suggestions. They may also block the bot in case of malfunction by going here (unavailable to regular users).

    If you have any questions, or would like to report a malfunction, feel free to contact me or any other admin as soon as possible.

    Happy editing!

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    • 1) Mark, BOT will correct absolutely all errors and mistakes (my and not my errors), adding commas in absolutely all numbers in existing articles and categories? 

      2) All contestants are moved to the appropriate category?

      I am waiting for a clear answer.

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    • 1. The bot will attempt to correct grammar and punctuation mistakes that are repeated across multiple articles. It will not do one-off fixes. It only knows as much grammar as it is programmed to fix, so it will not correct every single mistake it encounters.

      2. Again, the bot will attempt to do so. It will only move contestants from a certain category once it is given the order to do so, so if it does not move some pages, it is because the bot either overlooked them or simply hadn't caught up with them.

      The bot is not autonomous, so if any of you want to fix any of the mistakes the bot is supposed to perform while it is not doing anything, go ahead. Just do it all at once though.

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    • Can we decide if we capitalise "Series" in British categories and unify them?

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    • I propose to leave it as it is (the amount without commas). Articles about Russian participants very much, almost a thousand, everyone does not want to correct. I do not believe that the bot will fix everything.

      I alone was not able to rename all of the numbers in the category "Contestants from Russia by money won", do not paste commas. Did not work out. It is bad.

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    • The bot can easily fix category names. It is just a matter of putting the old category name and the new one. As an example, yesterday it went through the 300 pages that had both Contestants from Russia and Celebrity contestants from Russia and removed the double category in about one hour. It only took that long due to a cooldown period of about 7 seconds per page and some minor internet connection problems. Adding commas is even easier, as it does not need to determine what pages exist in two categories. It only looks for the pages in a category, and edits them one by one. The user controlling the bot does not need to anything else other than input the instructions, which are usually only one line long.

      This is why we got the bot. To do the tasks that no human wants to do.

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    • Ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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