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Tom Hanuskey, an RAF worker from Kinloss, Moray, Scotland won £10,000 on September 7th, 2010.

Tom's Run to the Million Edit

£500 (1 of 12) - 15 seconds
Which of these phrases refers to getting married?
• A: Loop the loop • B: Join the dots
• C: Tie the knot • D: Pull the chain

£1,000 (2 of 12) - 15 seconds
By what title is the character Dracula usually known?
• A: President • B: Reverend
• C: Count • D: Miss

£2,000 (3 of 12) - 30 seconds
Chiffon is a type of which natural fibre?
'Ask the Audience' lifeline used
• A: Wool - 4% • B: Silk - 81%
• C: Cotton - 9% • D: Linen - 6%

£5,000 (4 of 12) - 30 seconds
Which town is known as 'The Surfing Capital of Britain'?
• A: Bexhill • B: Selsey
• C: Ilfracombe • D: Newquay

£10,000 (5 of 12) - 30 seconds
What kind of creature is a scallop?
• A: Mollusc • B: Arachnid
• C: Fish • D: Arthropod

£20,000 (6 of 12) - 30 seconds
What is the rarest human blood group in the ABO system?
'Phone-A-Friend' and '50:50' lifelines used
• A: A • B: B
• C: O • D: AB
Tom didn't know, so he used his 'Phone-A-Friend' lifeline. Of the three friends he chose as his options for the lifeline, he chose his wife, Katie, over David and Ray. Katie didn't know, but guessed D: AB. Tom then used his '50:50' lifeline, which left A: A and D: AB. Tom then decided not to play and walked away with £10,000. The correct answer was D: AB.

Sources Edit

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