Vil du bli millionær? (literally: Do you want to become a millionaire?) is a Norwegian game show that is based on the British game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show aired from 2000 to 2008 on TV2, and it was hosted by Frithjof Wilborn, Arve Juritzen and Sarah Natasha Melbye. The final season based on the original rules, aired in 2008, added 2 new, original lifelines, which replaced Phone-a-Friend and Ask the Audience:

  • The Two Helpers: A variation on Ask the Expert which had two Experts instead of one.
  • Ask the Online Audience: A variation on Ask the Audience which polled the online Audience instead of the studio Audience, not unlike the AOL online poll used on syndicated Millionaire in the USA. The prime difference was that only the online Audience was polled.

As of August 18, 2008 only the USA as well as Norway which has a female presenter.

Money Tree Edit

Question Prize (version 1) Prize (version 2)
15 KR 1.000.000 KR 2.000.000
14 KR 750.000 KR 1.000.000
13 KR 650.000 KR 500.000
12 KR 550.000 KR 300.000
11 KR 450.000 KR 200.000
10 KR 400.000 KR 100.000
9 KR 250.000 KR 80.000
8 KR 200.000 KR 60.000
7 KR 150.000 KR 40.000
6 KR 100.000 KR 20.000
5 KR 50.000 KR 10.000
4 KR 35.000 KR 5.000
3 KR 20.000 KR 3.000
2 KR 10.000 KR 2.000
1 KR 5.000 KR 1.000

Top Prize winners Edit

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