This is a rare occurrence in the show, when a contestant walks away before the first safe level, usually question 5, usually to avoid risking losing all their money and leaving empty handed.

In the UK, two people have done that, but, one of them was stripped of their winnings for having a criminal record. If Emma North had walked away and hadn't gotten the £1,000 question wrong because she'd used all her lifelines on questions 3 & 4, there would have been three people in the UK to walk away before the £1,000 safe level.

In the U.S., Michelle Glover broke the record of the lowest amount of money to walk away with, not including $0. Also, a contestant on October 2, 2009, ran out of time on his $5,000 question, and walked away before the first safe level with $3,000.

Cheryl TurnerEdit

Cheryl Turner, after using all her lifelines, walked away on the £1,000 question on the UK Christmas Special.

Sheridan BoothEdit

Sheridan Booth also walked away on question 5, but his prize was later stripped from him, after criminal convictions were uncovered. This episode has been repeated on Challenge. He was one of only four UK contestants who were stripped of their winnings.

Michelle GloverEdit

Michelle Glover fared worse than the other two, when she walked away on question 4 on the syndicated US version of Millionaire.


? from Costa Rica walked away on question 5 and won ₡400,000.

Ville KarpioEdit

Ville Karpio from Finland walked away on question 5 and won €700.

Maarit SoukkaEdit

Maarit Soukka from Finland walked away on question 4 and won €500.

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