The text game ran between 2004-2007 on the UK version of the show. It was originally played when a contestant decides to take the money, and Chris Tarrant had to read out the four, or two if 50/50 was used, possibilities to the viewers. The viewers had to text the letter of the correct answer (A, B, C or D) within 30 seconds, after which the correct answer was revealed, one viewer won £1,000 and the contestant left. The music cue consisted of a series of short and distinctive chords, of which one chord was played at each second on the 30 seconds clock. This was first played when Mark Grogan went away with £16,000 on 23rd October 2004.

However, the competition was given a slight change in Series 20 (2006-07), when viewers had to play during a certain commercial break. This time, instead of walking away, the contestant had chose his or her final answer which had not yet been revealed. After the break, the answer was revealed, the main game continued and one viewer won £1,000. The first round of the in-break competition was played on 9th September 2006 during the break of Mike Abbott's run, and the final round was played on 28th July 2007 during the break of Elaine Paige & Michael Ball's run.

The mobile phone number was 07797 808 900. Entries were via SMS at a cost of £1 per message.


  • The music cue for the Walkaway Text Game was also used for the 3 Wise Men lifeline in the US version in their Super Millionaire format. This music cue was also used in itv's Who Wants To Be a Millionaire 2018 trailer, where Jeremy Clarkson is stunt driving in his car and excited about hosting the show before he walks onto the set for the first time. A slightly modified version of this music cue was also used in the Ask The Expert lifeline for the US version and several other countries.