Yolanda "Auntie Yo-Yo" Allen was the first contestant to appear on the fifteenth season of the U.S. version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? on September 12 & 13, 2016 and won $50,000 after answering her $100,000 question wrong.

She has also appeared on other game shows and she plans to write a book about her life, including her appearance on Millionaire.

She was also notable for quietly thinking about a question, then suddenly blurting out her final answer. Chris Harrison described her as one of his favorite contestants.

Yolanda's Run to the MillionEdit

$500 (1 of 14) - No time limit
Though he can't spin the basketball as well as Meadowlark Lemon could, Pope Francis was still named an honorary member of what team in 2015?
• A: Boston Red Sox • B: Seattle Seahawks
• C: Montreal Canadiens • D: Harlem Globetrotters

$1,000 (2 of 14) - No time limit
Perfect for the fast-food loving fashionista, KFC recently introduced a chicken-flavored line of edible what, appropriately named "Finger Lickin' Good"?
• A: Earrings • B: Nail Polish
• C: Boots • D: Handbags

$2,000 (3 of 14) - No time limit
Which of these is the original title of a famous movie, which later got reversed because Paul Newman was more famous than Robert Redford?
• A: Hooch & Turner • B: The Bandit and Smokey
• C: The Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy • D: Butt-head & Beavis Do America

$3,000 (4 of 14) - No time limit
Discussing tricks for capturing a golden horsetail or a sparkling peony, suggests turning off the flash when you photograph what evening event?
• A: A skateboarding competition • B: A rare coin convention
• C: A fireworks display • D: A fishing trip

$5,000 (5 of 14) - No time limit
Often criticized as an outdated benchmark, the U.S. "poverty line" was originally calculated assuming that every home had a housewife who was a skillful what?
• A: Cook • B: Babysitter
• C: Hairdresser • D: Chauffeur

Originally, the bank read "Yolanda's Bank," but during the commercial break between these two questions, it was changed to "Auntie Yo-Yo's Bank."

$7,000 (6 of 14) - No time limit
Since the establishment of Henry VIII's court in a palace there in the 153-s, what London road has become synonymous with Britain's government?
"Ask the Audience" and "Plus One" lifelines used.
• A: Piccadilly • B: Soho
• C: Hyde Park • D: Whitehall
Ask the Audience Results: A: 30% • B: 2% • C: 24% • D: 44%
Yolanda has never been to London, so she asks the audience. The majority went for D: Whitehall, but A: Piccadilly was not far behind with 30%. Those were not the percentages Yolanda was hoping for, so she calls down her Plus One, her cousin Gerald, who has been to London and had the same guess as the audience. As a result, she went for D: Whitehall, and that was correct.

$10,000 (7 of 14) - No time limit
Where would you be most likely to come across the terms "Da Capo," "Vivace" and "Presto"?
• A: In a cookbook • B: On a list of famous Italian athletes
• C: On a piece of sheet music • D: In a book about Italian painters

$20,000 (8 of 14) - No time limit
The only country in the world whose name in English is normally spelled with three consecutive dotted letters is a what?
• A: Scandinavian nation • B: Landlocked nation in Africa
• C: Island nation in the Pacific Ocean • D: Latin American nation
Yolanda did not know the country that the question was referring to; she just chose the one that made the most sense. The country was Fiji.

$30,000 (9 of 14) - No time limit
As of today, one of these famous people is 45 years old, one is 46, one is 47 and one is 48. Who's the baby of the group at 45?
"50:50" lifeline used.
• A: Tony Hawk • B: Paul Rudd
• C: Ted Cruz • D: Tina Fey
Yolanda used her 50:50, which got rid of A: Tony Hawk and D: Tina Fey. She went for C: Ted Cruz, which was correct.

$50,000 (10 of 14) - No time limit
Because it can absorb radioactive material, which of these is commonly used as a symbol for nuclear disarmament?
• A: Sunflower • B: Redwood
• C: Beat • D: Seaweed
The klaxon called time and Yolanda went home with $50,000 and came back the next day to continue.

$100,000 (11 of 14) - No time limit
At an auction, famed TV producer Norman Lear paid over $8 million for what item that had been found taped to the back of a flea market painting?
• A: A copy of the Declaration of Independence • B: A ticket to Abraham Lincoln's inauguration
• C: A letter signed by William Shakespeare • D: A Honus Wagner baseball card
Yolanda was leaning towards D because she felt the question was referring to a more recent event. She went for it, but the correct answer was A.

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